Create partnerships

A partnership between the port and one or more operators is highly re-commended at a very early stage. An early commitment of a cooperation can secure the implementation and increase the success of the project.

Involve stakeholders

The intense participation of the stakeholders is very important as a project can only be successful, when all stakeholders take part and are committed. This requires appropriate communication and integration.

Perform cost control

To ensure the financial stability, the operational costs have to be monitored regularly as they can be a challenge or even a barrier for the proceeding of a project. Clear responsibility is necessary.

Appoint project leaders

For the efficient project management it is important to have all belongings under one roof. Therefore, a responsible project leader should be appointed in an early stage.

Extent communication

Communication between the port, the local authorities and the stake-holders is of high importance. Regular meetings and information sharing should be implemented to increase transparency and acceptance.

Stress social benefits

As most projects contribute to reduced externalities by avoiding emissions, congestion etc. they can change the public perception of the port. These benefits need to be identified and communicated.

Enable cohabitation

In case of a central location of the port, new activities should be harmonized with the urban requirements. This includes the cooperation of people and freight in the usage of space.

Create investment plan

A monitored investment policy is necessary to control the costs of the project. An investment plan should include the goals, objectives and guidelines for the asset management.