New urban freight concepts, Province of Utrecht


The Province of Utrecht and the City of Utrecht were targeting at the optimization of the freight logistics in the city. The water routes in the area are well distributed. Many houses, Bars and Restaurants have direct or indirect water access. The provision of goods and the disposal of waste was taken up and linked to the port function. Four projects were developed. In one project, an existing concept was redeveloped into an environmental friendly Eco-Ship. This ship can transport goods on the tiny canals and is used for the disposal of waste of the city. Another project was the promotion of RoRo transport. The project was not successful because of no fitting concept. Furthermore, a container terminal was meant to be built. After an update of the market approach and interviews with stake-holders, it was discovered that at the moment there is not enough demand for a container terminal. However, the developed concepts still exist and with an upcoming demand, they can be used once again.