Define strategy and vision

A clear definition of the project, including a strategy and a vision for trans-formation, forms the basis for all up-coming steps. A presentation to all interested parties should deliver information about the relevant phases of the project.

Involve stakeholders

The participation of all relevant stakeholders is of high importance for the acceptance before, during and after the project. Integrating the stakeholders by informing and listening contributes to a target-orientated implementation.

Appoint benefits

The main social benefit of port activities is the reduction of externalities caused by road transport. Further economic benefits can be described with employment aspects, increased GDP, etc. Clear targets should be made public.

Extent communication

A transparent execution of the project by using different communication channels is important when integrating the society into the port development. The external communication should be conducted by professionals.

Offer compensation program

A compensation program for the local residents contributes to increase the acceptance of the project. It has to be part of the sustainable development process, but cannot cover all claims and demands.

Stimulate political support

The political support is of high relevance, as city and port development should be as compatible as possible. The strategy of the politicians should support the port strategy.

Cover social dimension

The project realization should be accompanied by additional social actions. Especially the implementation of a project committee (incl. authorities and representatives of the residents) is of high relevance.