Utrecht is the fifth largest inland port in the Netherlands. The port authority is part of the Public Works department of the city of Utrecht. The port authority oversees the running of the industrial and recreational river transport in municipal waters.

The Port Authority is tasked with:

  • Provision of berths: the port authority provides berths for recreational boats within the city. It collects fees from boats that moor in Utrecht and is responsible for the facilities available at Bartholomé Bridge. These facilities are open from June to September;
  • Supervision of loading and unloading on the industrial grounds at Lage Weide;
  • Location of loading and unloading docks on the industrial grounds at Lage Weide;
  • Coordination of mooring spaces for residential boats: the port authority is responsible for issuing permits for residential barges mooring in Utrecht, collecting port fees and provide information and advice.

Advisory role: the port authority has an advisory role with the Public Works department of the city, regarding festivities on and around the water.

Operation of locks and bridges: Utrecht has 19 movable bridges. The port authority operates bridges and collects royalties. All recreational boats that pass the lock Weerdsluis also receive a navigation map.

Cleaning the waterway, mandated by the Administration of water, dikes and polders: with a specially designed boat, the port collects the waste on the waterway in the city of Utrecht. It is also responsible for taking out the bikes fallen into the water.

City distribution through the waterway: with the “beer-boat”, the port is responsible for the supply of beverage to the hospitality industry located along the canal. An hourly rate is also applied when the port uses such boat for the transport of goods on behalf of individuals and / or companies.