Trilogiport : Start of the works

Development work on the Liege Trilogiport multimodal platform, one of the 32 port areas managed by Liege Port Authority and located along the AlbertCanal, started on 28 June 2013.

The operations such as topographical surveys of the sites and clearance of the brush and undergrowth in the area were completed this summer.

The following operations will be completed in the forthcoming months:  

  • earthworks for the preparation of the container terminal;
  • development of the area for the natterjack toads;
  • start of the sewerage works
  • roundabouts, new link road and new bridge.

Liege Trilogiport multimodal platform (120 ha) will be operational in the second half of 2015.

The works on the actual logistic part of the platform are the second phase of the development as the Port of Liège had agreed with neighbouring inhabitants that the green park around the platform, the so-called “Welcome zone” would be developed first, with a view to reduce nuisances.

Here under a picture of the ongoing works.

Trilogiport 1