The main investment of RheinPorts within CCP 21 was the implementation of a joint management system between the three ports of RheinPorts Basel-Mulhouse-Weil. Rheinports is the alliance of three individual ports: the ports of Basel, Mulhouse and Weil-am-Rhein. Currently, the three ports still act as separate entities and only have some activities in common. It is their intention to work closer and closer together, to finally become one structure. To do this, the ports need to follow one management model, which is not the case at this time. Indeed, the ports of Weil-am-Rhein and Mulhouse are operators, whereas the port of Switzerland (in Basel) is a landlord port. Once this is solved, the three partners will further investigate how to merge their management structures and come to one entity.

This whole process will start with a study of the management system, which was awarded  on 20 November 2012.

A complex tendering procedure was predated to this award. Nine consultants from three countries were invited to submit an offer on the basis of a detailed specification sheet. Three consultancies submitted an offer, which were reviewed and assessed by each of the three ports of RheinPorts, after strict selection criteria had been determined.

The award was given unanimously to the HTC Hanseatic Transport Consultancy, Hamburg. This consultancy will now launch the study, which should be available by the end of April 2013.