Awareness & acceptability

The objective of this Work Package is to increase the awareness and acceptability of inland ports in cities. Inland ports are typical urban ports, however, cities and citizens are not aware anymore of the presence of their inland port, or only notice negative aspects. Ports have become physically and mentally more and more separate from the cities, which limits economic benefits of the port for the city and efficient logistic organisation. Cities and inland ports must be (re-)connected, and this all begins with awareness and acceptability.

The project will raise awareness among local and regional authorities and citizens on the presence of the inland port as a positive asset. National and European organisations must also be aware of the economic and environmental performance of inland ports. Ports will be encouraged to make further efforts to reduce their impact on the city in terms of land use, noise and pollution. Strategies will also be jointly developed, for the sustainable development of inland ports, that are acceptable for citizens and authorities. This means that port development must be sustainable, physically integrated in the urban fabric and that all stakeholders (citizens, local and regional authorities) must be involved.