To achieve smart growth, CCP21 Partners work together on optimising inland ports as nodal points to be an integrated part of EU transport chains , sustainable and physically integrated in the urban fabric. This integral approach is represented by the 4 objectives:

  • Increase the awareness and acceptability of inland ports. Inland ports are typical urban ports. However, cities and citizens are not aware of the presence of their inland port, or only notice negative aspects. Partners aim at mentally and physically (re-)connecting ports and cities by raising awareness among authorities and citizens on the presence of a port as a positive asset, raising awareness among ports to realise a proactive approach for environmental benefits, and developing a long term vision for the sustainable development of inland ports which are of added value for citizens.
  • Promote cohabitation through innovative multipurpose land use. Only sustainable cohabitation legitimizes the development of inland ports in the urban context of the 21th century. Partners will cooperate on transnational standards for a cost-benefit analysis, EU standards for environmental measures and on a minimum of 2 solutions for combining people and freight through innovative multipurpose land use.
  • Optimise the organisation freight logistics. An optimal organisation of logistics is efficient, limits the environmental impact and enhances economic performance by allowing growth in scale and realising connectivity. CCP21 Partners will create a business concept for a cooperative organisation of freight logistics, implement it and facilitate a cooperative organisation of freight logistics by developing an ICT instrument.
  • Promote sustainable city distribution. City distribution improves the competitiveness of inland ports as well as air quality, safety, living and working conditions in city centres. Partners will cooperate on analysing and identifying additional measures that make city distribution a success, and developing and testing a sustainable multimodal city distribution centre.