Water transport is the most sustainable, reliable and safe means of transport for freight. CCP21 wants to contribute to more sustainable transport by optimising the organisation of freight logistics and strengthening the position of inland ports. Inland ports are the nodes in the transport chain, where freight and passengers are being transferred and economic added value is realised. Strengthening and enlarging the capacity of the nodes, will enlarge the efficient use of the existing network. NWE’s dense and well developed network of inland waterways has a large unused potential because the capacity and use of inland ports is limited.

The location of inland ports in cities offers opportunities for new logistic and spatial concepts, such as city distribution, regional container shipment and multipurpose land use. Nevertheless, inland ports are under pressure. Connecting them to the EU waterways network and competing in the global logistic market demands increase of scale of ports. Secondly inland ports receive fierce competition from other urban functions for the limited space available at the waterside.